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Start a Family Support Group & Youth Club In Your Area

Aspergers Anonymous® provides regular free support group meetings and a program to practice social interactions, acceptance & positive thinking. If there is no ASPA family support group and youth club in your area yet, you can start your own group.

In order to protect our fellowship from the external problems of money, property and prestige, all of our groups voluntarily agree to adhere to the three simple principles below:
(1) The Group is self-supporting through the member’s own voluntary contributions and does not seek or accept any grants, funding or donations from any external source.
(2) To protect the anonymity of group members, the group members agree to maintain personal anonymity about their membership of the group at the public level including TV, movies, press, radio & social media.
(2) The Group uses our suggested support group meeting guide and reads a topic from the Aspergers Anonymous Booklet for discussion at meetings.

If you would like to start an ASPA Family Support Group & Youth Club in your area, please e-mail your details to our e-mail address below and we will add your group to our listings so that people with AS and / or their families in your area can find your group:

E-mail: info@aspergersanonymous.org

About Hans Asperger

‘Neurotribes’ – a compassionate and hopeful book that encourages people to think differently about Autism, has won the Samuel Johnson prize 2015. Chair of judges Anne Applebaum, the Pulitzer-winning historian and journalist admired Silberman’s work “because it is powered by a strongly argued set of beliefs: that we should stop drawing sharp lines between what we assume to be ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’, and that we should remember how much the differently-wired human brain has, can and will contribute to our world”.

Author Steve Silberman claims that Hans Asperger was the true discoverer of Autism Spectrum Disorders and that Asperger’s earlier work in his clinic in Vienna in the 1930’s before the second world war was prescient and much more accurate than later publications in the 1940’s.

You can listen to Steve Silberman talking about his book Neurotribes here:

Disclaimer: Aspergers Anonymous™ has no opinion on outside issues and does not endorse or oppose the opinions of external organisations. Our primary purpose is to help people with Aspergers Syndrome and their families.