Support Groups

If there is no AS support group in your area yet, you can start your own Aspergers Anonymous® Group!

In order to protect our fellowship from the external problems of money, property and prestige, all of our groups voluntarily agree to adhere to the three simple principles below:

(1) The Group is self-supporting through member’s own contributions and does not seek or accept any grants, funding or donations.
(2) The Group members maintain personal anonymity at the public level including TV, movies, press, radio & social media.
(2) The Group reads out the Aspergers Anonymous® Support Group Format at the start of every meeting and uses one of the ASPA approved readings as a topic for the meeting.

If you would like to start an AS Support Group in your area, please e-mail your group details to our e-mail address below and we will add your group to the official Aspergers Anonymous® meeting directory: